Madison and Bria Boudoir/Fashion Golden Hour

IMG_0205-3a_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Golden_Hour_Outdoors_Metro_Detroit_Michigan_Fashion_Posing_Sexy_Soft_Color_Scheme_Yellow_Sunlight IMG_0184-3a_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Golden_Hour_Outdoors_Metro_Detroit_Michigan_Fashion_Posing_Sexy_Soft_Color_Scheme_Yellow_Sunlight

Self Portrait Boudoir/Fashion 2015

IMG_0126-3a_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Golden_Hour_Outdoors_Metro_Detroit_Michigan_Fashion_Posing_Sexy_Soft_Color_Scheme_Yellow_Sunlight IMG_0149-3b_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Golden_Hour_Outdoors_Metro_Detroit_Michigan_Fashion_Posing_Sexy_Soft_Color_Scheme_Yellow_SunlightIMG_0251-3a_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Golden_Hour_Outdoors_Metro_Detroit_Michigan_Fashion_Posing_Sexy_Soft_Color_Scheme_Yellow_Sunlight

W Boudoir Session

IMG_2904-3b_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Creative_Studio_Michigan_Feminine_Posing_Soft_Color_Scheme_Neutral_Bow_ IMG_3045-3a_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Creative_Studio_Michigan_Feminine_Posing_Soft_Color_Scheme_Neutral_Bow_Detail IMG_3040-3a_Amanda_Abraham_Photography_Boudoir_Creative_Studio_Michigan_Feminine_Posing_Soft_Color_Scheme_Neutral_Bow_Detail

Self Boudoir/Fashion Session

Miss Allison Peacock/Mermaid

Props available from this session include, peacock feather ruffle headband, purple velvet blanket, and peach fur blanket. Makeup by me done upon request while planning session.

Miss Jess Boudoir

Boudoir shoots are now available with Amanda Abraham Photography. These special shoots glam you up and add a fun and fearless package of shots for your loved one, or even just for yourself! Indulge in your sensual side in my studio or the comfort of your own home. Price packages are exactly the same as the fashion shoots. Please email me for more information and for other examples from other sessions. Props available from this session include: white backdrop, white fur blanket, sheer lace blanket, and black backdrop.

Mike and Robyn Ink Addict Fashion

Mike and Robyn are good friends of mine who are always willing to go to the extreme for a photo shoot. This shoot is half for the clothing line for Ink Addict and half for myself. I wanted to create a sultry look for the clothing line, and completely switch gears with a vintage shoot for myself. Thanks to the guys at Ronin Sushi who let us use their space!

Katie Neumann Fashion Shoot 8/2012

Katie and I have known each other since the high school days, of course me admiring her from afar. So after being approached to do a collaborative photo shoot with her, I jumped at it! What a fun and creative shoot this was, and with the help of my friend Kait, we got an incredible shoot put together in Pontiac, MI. Enjoy! White billow dress and black crochet dress may be available for your session. Please ask.

Mike Moore Ink Addict Fashion Shoot 6/2012

The shoot was a fun one to do with Mike and his girlfriend Robyn and her cute little dog, Mojo. We got to use a junk yard as our playground and these guys really vamped it up! Robyn had the perfect pin up girl style with her “V curls” and Mike was so laid back that it was so fun and easy to pose!

Cheetah Shoot:

This shoot was a fun one. I got to know my friend Katrina through my work, and loved her style so much I knew I had to include her in a fine art photo shoot. I came up with the concept of a cheetah look and originally was going to shoot her using a large format camera with 4×5 film but I wanted it to be digital as well, so I researched the cheetah look on the internet. I then used that style to incorporate through makeup the idea of the cheetah animal print. Katrina had medium length hair but had shaved and bleached the side of her head so we used that to put a cheetah print on the side and extended it through to her face with liquid eyeliner. Then we made the rest of her hair a two-parter. We made a Mohawk on one side, and a messy French braid on the other for some texture. She was so patient and we had a blast with this shoot! For your own fun themed shoot, email me at: