Here are a few words from my lovely clients who gave their time to tell me what they thought of my work: 

“Amanda was extremely helpful and made our experience fun and relaxed at the same time…She’s fantastic with people and a joy to work with. She made this a much more fun experience than I thought possible…She is very professional and I am extremely happy with how she conducts her business.”

“We had a blast! We felt comfortable. There was good communication and directions were given with polite authority…It was nice to have multiple options on individual shoots.”

“It was fantastic and it’s always fun..It was exactly what I expected it would be.”

“We had lots of fun…She was very patient with everyone…I loved how she did different poses…”

“Wonderful! She was very patient. She even entertained my other kids!”

“It was great! She was very good with the kids…I felt very comfortable with her…I can’t wait to do another shoot.”

“Great…Very professional.”

“Amazing…She was so friendly and nice…Everything was perfect…She was so sweet…That she does amazing work and is super nice and she is going to do amazing and her business will go so far…I couldn’t be happier.”

“Fantastic!…I love it!”